TikTok Introduces AI-Generated Avatars for Brands and Creators

TikTok has launched Symphony Digital Avatars, enabling businesses and creators to use AI-generated avatars for marketing. The new feature, part of TikTok's AI suite, offers stock and custom avatars, enhancing global reach by breaking language barriers. AI Dubbing translates videos into over 10 languages.

A few weeks after launching Symphony, its suite of AI tools for advertisers, TikTok has unveiled a new feature that allows the creation of AI-generated avatars. Let's delve into the details!

TikTok Unveils New AI Avatar Creation Tool

TikTok has just introduced a new tool within its AI suite: Symphony Digital Avatars. This new feature offers businesses, agencies, and creators the ability to create AI-generated avatars to promote products. According to TikTok, "avatars help to extend and globalize branded content through personalized and humanized creation, offering a wide variety of gestures, expressions, profiles, ages, and languages."

Specifically, TikTok provides creators with two types of avatars:

  1. Stock Avatars: These avatars are based on real content creators who have lent their likeness to create a digital double, with commercial use permitted.
  2. Custom Avatars: Businesses can create their multilingual avatar, based on their own image. The virtual influencer then becomes a spokesperson for the brand it represents.

In practice, these avatars could help a brand "humanize" its content and broaden its international reach by breaking down language barriers. Notably, when an avatar is used in a video, a label "generated by AI" will be displayed for transparency.

Expanding Global Opportunities for Creators

Symphony Digital Avatars opens up new opportunities for creators, enabling them to expand their collaborations with brands on a global scale. TikTok aims to fuel the creator economy by investing in creative solutions that entertain, inspire, and drive action.

AI Dubbing: Another AI-Powered Feature

In addition to the avatar creation tool, TikTok has introduced Symphony AI Dubbing, a feature that allows videos to be translated into over 10 different languages. This tool can detect the video's language, transcribe it, and translate it, offering automatically dubbed videos. This feature is a significant time-saver for brands and advertisers, enabling them to target other markets more effectively.

As of now, TikTok has not revealed the release date or pricing for these new tools.

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