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Simplify your multi-channel advertising efforts with Feedcast. Manage Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads seamlessly from one platform and accelerate your ecommerce growth.

What's in for you ?

Broadcast on free channels

Start by broadcasting your products on free channels like Google Shopping free listing &, our CSS comparator

Manage all your campaigns

Feedcast has compiled crucial auto-targeting campaign types, such as Google Performance Max and Facebook Shopping Advantage Plus.

Easily retarget your buyers

Retarget your best buyers or engaged audiences & optimise your campaigns performance like pro-marketers

Customize your targeting

Aim with accuracy to find specific new clients, or retarget your existing buyers to improve your loyalty score

One plateform to rule them all

Think of multichannel advertising like putting up signs for your shop in various parts of town.

By doing this, you can reach more people who might be interested in what you're selling, increasing your chances of making more sales. Different advertising channels (like Google, Facebook, or Instagram) give you different insights about your customers, helping you understand them better and sell more effectively.

Plus, when people see your products in different places, they're more likely to remember your brand when they're ready to buy. And if one advertising channel doesn't work well, you've got others to rely on, making your business more resilient. The key is to be where your customers are and provide a consistent shopping experience across all channels.

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