Performance Ads Optimization

Maximize your ecommerce campaigns' ROI with Feedcast easy-to-use performance optimization features. Achieve better results while saving time and resources.

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Custom Labels

Easily create groups of products to customise your ads budget and target specific audiences based on your product feed rules.

Detailed Reports

Easily identify best performing products and filter key performance metrics to find performance optimisation opportunities.

AI-driven Targeting

Feedcast leverage AI targeting from Google & Meta to help you find your best buyers.

Dedicated Experts

Use Feedcast in self-service or get a dedicated expert from our team to get up to 3 performance call / month

Agency-level skills for all

Embrace the power of professional advertising with Feedcast. Our platform brings agency-level skills and expertise to your fingertips, no matter your level of experience.

We've streamlined complex advertising processes, transforming them into user-friendly tools accessible to all. Whether you're launching your first campaign or you're an experienced marketer, Feedcast provides a single platform for managing and optimizing your advertising efforts across various channels.

Top-tier advertising skills are not just for agencies anymore; they're available to everyone. Let Feedcast empower you to reach your marketing goals with ease and efficiency.

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