E-commerce: French Shoppers Prefer Discounts

French consumers are increasingly favoring online discounts due to the high cost of living and reduced purchasing power. Platforms like Cdiscount, Veepee, and Showroomprivé attract customers with significant discounts and optimized logistics for fast delivery.

French consumers are increasingly favoring discounts when shopping online. According to a recent report by Fevad, discount offers are seeing significant success and continue to grow in popularity.

The high cost of living, reduced purchasing power, or simply the desire to snag a good deal are all factors contributing to this trend. The Fevad report defines “discount” as a sales strategy focused on offering products at prices lower than those found in traditional markets.

In 2023, 53% of French consumers purchased more discounted products, according to a study by Imediacenter, Publicis Media France, and Epsilon France. Additionally, 59% of shoppers sought out promotional codes before making online purchases, as noted in an Invest report.

Increasingly Attractive Offers

Marc Lolivier, Fevad's General Delegate, commented: "The year 2023 marked a turning point for e-commerce, characterized by an inflationary economic climate that bolstered the emergence and reinforcement of discount strategies. Faced with constantly rising prices, consumers overwhelmingly favored sites offering the best deals, placing discount tactics at the heart of business strategies," he explained in an editorial.

Among the leading platforms offering discounts, especially in fashion, are Cdiscount, Veepee, and Showroomprivé. According to Fevad, these sites have successfully attracted a wide and varied clientele eager to find good deals and discounted products. Veepee offers discounts of up to 70% off recommended prices. Cdiscount attracts over 8 million active customers, offering a wide range of products including electronics, furniture, clothing, and groceries.

Most of these discount platforms have also optimized their logistics to ensure fast delivery. Showroomprivé, for instance, has adjusted its logistics chain to offer very short delivery times, sometimes as quick as 24 hours after the order is placed in certain regions.

For discount enthusiasts, e-commerce is a way to better manage their budget. A 2023 study by Toluna Harris for Fevad confirmed that e-commerce satisfies consumers who prioritize their purchasing power and more frugal consumption. They have the opportunity to compare multiple offers before making a decision.

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